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Three Forms Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Three Forms Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

If youve never been involved in a legal dispute, and even if you haveyou might find the prospect of going before a court to resolve it intimidating. But most legal disputes these days arent decided by a judge and jury in a courtroom. In fact, most never even make it to trial. Instead, theyre decided outside of court in a process known as alternative dispute resolution. Alternative dispute resolution is a general term that refers to any process for resolving disputes that doesnt involve going to court. The processes used can formal or informal, and the goal is to resolve a dispute without facing the high costs, delays, and uncertainties of going to trial. Ranked from least formal to most formal, here are the three most common methods for alternative dispute resolution.

1. Negotiation

The parties to a dispute can often resolve the dispute on their own, or with the assistance of their own attorneys, without involving a third party. Direct negotiations between the parties will generally be less expensive than the other methods of resolving a dispute, because while it may involve each party hiring a lawyer, they wont incur the additional costs of hiring a mediator or going to arbitration. This process can be as formal or informal as the parties desire.

2. Mediation

Mediation is a more formal version of negotiation, and involves a neutral third party helping the parties to the dispute come to an agreement. Initially, the parties and their attorneys will have to agree on a neutral third party to serve as mediator. If they cant agree on a mediator, they might each pick a third party and let those two third parties choose a neutral third party to be the mediator. However chosen, the mediator will help the parties to the dispute resolve it outside of court. He may do this by separately helping the parties to see the weaknesses in their own cases, or by using one of many other negotiating techniques. However, the mediator cannot force the parties to resolve their case. Because the mediator will have to be paid for his services, mediation is typically more expensive than direct negotiation between the parties.

3. Arbitration

Arbitration is like a private court case. The arbitrator or arbitrators, if there is more than one, will prescribe the method for each party to share the evidence they have with the other, similarly to how discovery works in a court case. They will also admit evidence about the dispute just like a judge would, but their rules for evidence may be different from those used in a court. Once the arbitrators have made a decision in the case, they will issue an award, which is like the judgment of a court. That award might be binding on the parties, and if so, can usually be enforced in court if necessary. Because it is a more formal process for resolving disputes than negotiation or mediation, it also tends to be the most expensive of these three forms of alternative dispute resolution.

While there are other processes of alternative dispute resolution, these three are the most common. Most legal disputes end up being settled outside of court through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration, and understanding these three processes can help you understand your own options if you ever find yourself in a legal dispute.

Barristers Vs Solicitors : What’s The Difference?

Barristers Vs Solicitors : What’s The Difference?

What are barristers vs solicitors? The basic difference is that barristers usually defend their clients in court; however a solicitor usually does different kinds of legal work outside of a courtroom. Of course, the difference is not really set in stone, so it is possible to find plenty of exceptions to this rule.

Barristers Vs Solicitors


When average people mention that they are going to visit a lawyer about some business, they are usually referring to a solicitor. Some solicitors work for themselves or in law offices, but others are employed by businesses or the government. Some solicitors work as generalists, but many specialize in certain areas of the law. Some examples of these specialties include real estate, finance, or tax law.

Many solicitors simply specialize in preparing different types of legal forms and documents for their clients. If they do represent clients in court, they have traditionally only worked in lower courts. However, this has begun to change, and it is possible to find solicitors who represent clients in higher courts these days.


In court, barristers wear a traditional gown and wig to court. They are more commonly seen in high courts than solicitors. They focus on working as advocates during different kinds of hearings, which means that they are the men and women who usually stand up for clients in court.

Like solicitors, some barristers might focus on specific areas of the law. In addition, barristers may be called upon for legal advice. If your case involves criminal law, you should hire a specialist in this field, like top barrister Michael Wolkind.

Typically, barristers don’t have a lot of primary contact with the general public. A solicitor actually supplies the barrister with case details, so they may not speak much with clients at all. In other words, barristers and solicitors may work as a team to help represent clients.

Typically, self-employed barristers share the costs of their office, often called Chambers, with other legal professionals. For example, they might share rent and the cost of office staff. In some cases, larger firms or government departments might employ barristers for legal advice, just as they may employ solicitors.

Solicitors generally work with paperwork, and also, they offer more direct contact with legal clients. In contrast, barristers are more involved with the actual litigation in front of a judge or jury. This definition is not true 100 percent of the time. Also, the lines between barristers and solicitors have begun to blur a bit more over time.

Road Traffic Barrister Assistance Saves You Trouble

Road Traffic Barrister Assistance Saves You Trouble

Have you decided that you need a road traffic barrister to assist you? Are you not sure of whether or not this is the right call to make? These guidelines will get you familiar with what to expect and who to contact when you are in need.

How A Road Traffic Barrister Can Help You

When you are in an accident, you tend to be pretty shaken up. Even if it wasn’t your fault, you may not be able to prove that because you were hurt or you just were too stressed out to know what was going on. With a barrister, you can have them help you collect information on what happened and then you can find out what laws are on your side so you can possibly get out from under your charges.

Another good thing about having someone to work with is that they can work on helping you find the paperwork from doctors about what you need compensation for. They will be able to find ways to get you paid for days of work you had to take off any anything else that cost you. Therapy and other things you had to undergo can be hard to get help with paying if you’re not prepared, and so it’s best to know that someone is on your side and trying their best to get you what you deserve out of all of what you have been through.

Locating The Best Barrister

Reviews online can teach you a lot about a professional and whether or not they are capable of making things right for you. Of course, people can also pay for people to review them even if they didn’t use the services offered. It’s best to make sure that many people have talked about the firm and barrister working there if possible. Try to avoid trusting very old reviews since they could now no longer be the case if the firm has changed or if the barrister has been doing things differently.

Working With The Professional You Chose

Someone who is helping you with your case will want you to be truthful. The best thing to do is to just admit if you think that you were at fault because chances are that someone else noticed that too. That doesn’t mean you are going to have to go to jail or pay for whatever happened because a lot of the time even if you thought it was your problem only it turns out to really not be. There are also times where you were treated the wrong way by the other party or authorities that were on the case and that can mean you don’t have to worry because the case could be dropped altogether.

Your chances of working successfully through legal issues related to driving will go up quite a bit when you hire a road traffic barrister to assist you. It’s all related to how well the person you hire to help does, and you can count on the right person to do all of the hard work for you.